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Info Commissions: 

For commission info, please head on over to and email to reserve your place now!
The prices may change depending on the type of request, technique used, the currency ( in case of foreign conventions), if the commission is made in the studio or at a  convention, the size and  the complexity of the piece. 
If the piece is made in studio and we have to send it via mail you have to add the shipping cost to get the final price ( please, ask about it )

Sizes commissions: 


- 17 x 26 cm (Blank Cover)

- 23 x 31 cm
- 29.7 x 42 cm
- 40 x 50 cm 

The works are done on high quality paper.

Bigger format and full painted illustrations have higher prices (depending always on the request). 


List is

The Art Book will release in the early 2022.

If you are interested sign in waiting Mailing List Now! If you are n the Mailing List you will received also a Fast Sketch with the book


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If you subscribe the Mailing List you keep informed about the Book release and you are free to buy or not.


Original Art


Choose from the various original works visible in the gallery.

Specifically, they are still available:

comic book pages published for the Italian and foreign markets,

illustrations, covers, preparatory studies, and more.

For each purchase, a free quick sketch.

Each work will obviously be signed by the artist.



Limited Print


Every sample is printed on paper of quality.

All hand numered and signed by Gianluca


Please allow some days for the shipping.


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