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Comic book artist, illustrator, storyboarder and musician. He has worked for the most important and prestigious national and international publishing houses. The first contact with the comic book world begins in April 2004 as a self-taught individual when he participated in the national competition "Pietro Miccia" held by Torino Comics where, thanks to a short super-hero story, he ranked among the finalists. He worked for Topolino Chronicles on the "Avalonia" fantasy series and subsequently on the Avatar noir series. In 2005 he published for Eura Editoriale on the weekly publication Lanciostory with a story by Diego Cajelli. Always in the same year he published the space opera "Jek Vans" published in Italy on Brand new (Free-Books) and in France for the publishing house Clair De Lune. Then, he started collaborating with PANINI COMICS, first on the "X-Campus" project, a redesign of the "mutant icons" by Red Whale studio, then on the comic book series "Cronache Del Mondo Emerso", set in the fantasy universe created by the writer Licia Troisi and on a screenplay by Roberto Recchioni. In 2009 he came to the American market, drawing hundreds of pages for major publishing houses, such as MARVEL COMICS, for which he produced the "Dark Reign: Mister Negative" series, written by Fred Van Lente. Then in 2010 for IDW, on the "G.I.Joe: Operation Hiss" series written by Brian Reed. Always in 2010 again for Marvel Comics, he also worked on the series "Secret Warriors" written by Brian Michael Bendis and Jonathan Hickman, and subsequently completed the series dedicated to Black Panther, "Klaws of the Panther" written by the acclaimed Jonathan Maberry . In 2011, he arrived in DC COMICS for the "Flashpoint" event, working on the "Lois Lane & the Resistance" series, written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning and DC Comics since September 2011 he has the honor to be part of the 52 artists chosen all the over the world for the reboot "The New 52" working on the regular series "Mr.Terrific", written by Eric Wallace. From 2012 he also worked for SERGIO BONELLI EDITORE, first on the regular "Saguaro" series, making the 25th "Far from Hollywood" book, and then joining the official "Dragonero" creative crew of the fantasy series "Dragonero" where he drew the story "Yannah's tale" contained in the 24th episode "Through the Erondar", the first episode of the 2015 Magazine and the 39th "Crudele Cutter" and the 2018 annual special "The Wall of the Trolls", and number 9 of the new cycle "Check on the tower". Since 2015 he has also worked with the UPPER DECK American publishing house with many superhero-themed illustrations. In 2016, he returned to work for Panini Comics, creating a fantasy story as the teaser of the "Afterworld" game presented at San Diego Comicon and later on the "Angie digitwin" series, a new comic by Panini Comics in collaboration with TIM. In 2018 he also collaborates with AFTERSHOCK COMICS as a cover artist, realizing the variant cover of the first issue of the series "Her Infernal Descent" and realizes the fourth chapter of the "Angie digitwin" series. At the same time he was also under contract with 2 major French publishing houses, GLèNAT and SOLEIL. For Glènat he published a long graphic novel entitled "Coeurs Gelès" which is part of the successful Flesh & Bones series, also reprinted in Italy for EDITORIALE COSMO, while for Soleil, he has the honor of leading the way with the first volume of the new series “Les Maîtres Assassins”. Also for Soleil he is currently working on a volume of the acclaimed “Orcs et Gobelin” series. In the meantime, he is also involved in the field of the cinema in the role of storyboard artist for advertising, short films and films. Last but not least, he produced the storyboards of the movie "Mala Vita" by the director Angelo Licata, awarded to Silver Ribbons 2015, a film produced and broadcast by RAI. In the illustrative field, he is currently under contract with BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT, world colossus of video games, and in parallel for MARVEL COMICS in the creation of various illustrations within the MarvelSnap event. In the past he took part in the project "Yonamba", a worldwide numerical application for the iPhone and iPad which is designed to produce 20 illustrations related to numerology. In 2012 he realised the cover for the international medical-scientific journal "RNA biology". He was among the selected artists, on display at the Comics Museum in Milan, for the event dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Spiderman myth. At the same time he works as a teacher at the School of Comics in Palermo.

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